Night of Artists Absentee Bidding

Thank you for participating in the 2024 Night of Artists Exhibition and Sale. Serving as our signature fundraiser, Night of Artists supports Artists, their families, and the museum’s mission to inspire and educate the public with engaging exhibitions, educational programs, and public events reflective of the region’s rich traditions and shared heritage.


The Briscoe Western Art Museum offers Absentee Bidding for both the Live Auction on Friday, March 22, and the Luck of the Draw Wall Sale on Saturday, March 23 to those who cannot attend the event in person. Please contact Elizabeth Paul, Collector’s Concierge, at 210.507.4863 or to learn more.

Click here to see full Rules of Sale for Absentee Bidding

All Bidders must complete an Absentee Bid Form, and the museum must receive the form before noon (12:00pm) on Thursday, March 21, 2023. Absentee bids submitted indicate a guarantee to purchase. Briscoe Western Art Museum agrees to act as an agent of the absentee bidder. As such, it owes duties of trust, loyalty, confidentiality, accounting, and disclosure to the absentee bidder.

Click here to download the Absentee Bidding Form

This nonrefundable absentee bidding service fee is $50, which will be charged upon confirmation of the bidder’s information by phone or email from a Briscoe team member.

Top Art Credit: Russell G. Case, Low Clouds and Long Shadows, oil on linen, 20×35 in. Available for purchase in the 2024 Night of Artists Exhibition and Sale. 

Top Art Credit: Gladys Roldán-de-Moras, Alegria Poblana, Oil on linen, 36 x 24 in. (detail) Available for purchase in the 2024 Night of Artists Exhibition and Sale. 

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