Briscoe Bison Society Presents the Fifth Annual Collectors Summit

Headin’ In or Headin’ Out?
The Western Art Market in 2023

Headin’ In – Summit Session I

The first session will explore the changing nature of the Western art market as it relates to long-time collectors who perhaps are reaching their zenith. How has the art market changed over the years? As collectors begin “headin’ in” from their journey, what should they expect as they begin to transfer or sell their collections? Moderator Michael Clawson and panelists Abigail Kampmann, Tim Newton and Don Oelze will explore the changing nature of the Western art market as it relates to long-time collectors who are perhaps reaching their zenith.


Michael Clawson
Editor, Western Art Collector
Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, lifelong journalist Michael Clawson is the executive editor for Western Art Collector, American Art Collector, Native American Art, American Fine Art and the podcast host of American Art Collective


Don Oelze

Don Oelze has been fascinated by the lifestyle of cowboys and Native Americans since an early age. After completing his education at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, Oelze spent 10 years refining his skills while working abroad in Japan. He resides in Montana with his wife, Utako, and has participated in shows both in the United States and abroad. Oelze’s 2021 work, “Scouts at the Old Mission”, received both the 2022 Night of Artists Sam Houston Award and Patron’s Choice Award.

Abigail Kampmann

Dedicated Western art collector for over 25 years, Abigail Kampmann is CEO of Principle Auto Group in San Antonio, Texas. As a champion of the arts and culture in San Antonio, she is on the board of directors for the Alamo Trust and other notable art and science institutions.

Tim Newton
Western Art & Architecture

Tim Newton‘s art life began in 1991 when he purchased a large drawing by Cowboy Artist Gary Carter. Thirty-two years later he has been, among other things, the founder and curator of American Masters, a major invitational art exhibition and fundraising show at New York City’s venerable Salmagundi Club where he subsequently served as chairman of the board and CEO. He serves on the boards of several art organizations including the Couse Foundation and the board of advisors for the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Tim is the publisher of Western Art & Architecture magazine.

Headin’ Out – Summit Session II

An art collection is an intentional accumulation of works centered around a theme. Finding a focus of a collection is seldom a rational decision. At first, collectors simply buy whatever they like, without giving much thought to it. This is a great way to explore their tastes and interests, but after a while, a pattern begins to emerge. This session will explore the journey of “headin’ out” as novice buyers of Western art begin making the transition from buyers to collectors. Moderator Michael Clawson discusses with panelists Mary Ross Buchholz, Robert Oliver and Beau Alexander.


Robert Oliver

Robert Oliver is an avid art collector and community leader from Cuero, Texas. As chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum, Oliver is credited as the lead stakeholder in establishing this thriving museum in 2000. 

Mary Ross Buchholz

Art has been Mary Ross Buchholz’s devotion for 25 years. An award-winning artist who participates in many museum shows across the country, she and her husband live and ranch in rural west Texas. She strives to capture the authenticity of their way of life by gathering reference material from the ranch, offering a glimpse of her daily ranch life through her paintings, sculpture, charcoal and graphite.

Beau Alexander
Maxwell-Alexander Gallery

Beau Alexander, owner and gallery director of the notable and contemporary Western art gallery, Maxwell-Alexander Gallery in Los Angeles is a consultant to major public institutions and celebrity clientele. His passion is building collections for avid art enthusiasts and introducing first-time collectors to quality original art.

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