Draw a Rose Window

Have you ever noticed the beautiful windows in old buildings, especially churches and cathedrals? You may see windows that resemble flowers—these are called rose windows. One beautiful example is found at Mission San Jose. The four petal shapes that make up the outer part of this window are the reason it is also a quatrefoil.

Materials Needed:
Markers, crayons, or colored pencils

Step 1: With your pencil, draw a tall rectangle.
Step 2: Draw a large oval on each long side of the rectangle.
Step 3: Draw a circle on the top and bottom edges of the rectangle.
Step 4: Erase the lines inside the original rectangle shape. Then erase all the lines that go through the circles. You will be left with an outline.

Step 5: Trace the outline of your rose window and then decorate it. Add details like windowpanes and frames or even a spider web hanging in the corner.